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David L. Pollard
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The Sheridan Pollards are the descendants of Joshua Pollard Sr. (1772-1850), a United Empire Loyalist who came to Sheridan (now part of Mississauga ON Canada)in 1808, as one of the first 13 families to settle in the region. I am especially interested in the families of these descendants (relation to Joshua Sr. in brackets):

Children of Joshua Sr.:
∑ James II (b. 1816) he is in Joshua Sr.ís 1849 will, and there is a James Pollard at `Div V Pg. 9`of the 1871 Toronto Twp census
∑ Walter (b. 1822) died at age 65, but his whereabouts throughout his life are unknown, except that he returned to the homestead in 1881 shortly before his death

Children of William (Joshua Sr.ís brother):
∑ Columbus G. (b. 1848) died in 1889 in Burgesville, Oxford, Ontario
∑ John Pollard, Columbusí brother

Child of Adolphus Theodore (Joshua Sr.ís son):
∑ Frank Herbert (b. 1868), the millionaire barber-bookie, reported to have had a son and a daughter, listed in Toronto Directory in 1906 at 272 Dundas Av.

Children of James Madison (Joshua Sr.ís son):
∑ William E. (b. 1876), last listed in Toronto Directory 1895 as a "wks" for AM Watch Case Co. at 22 Alice Street
∑ James Harold (b. 1878), last listed in Toronto Directory 1907 as a printer for the News at 13 Baldwin Street
∑ Charles (b.1882), last listed living with parents in Toronto Directory 1901
∑ Stephen R. (b. 1884), last listed in Toronto Directory 1905 as a printer for the News at 13 Baldwin Street

Children of Richard Franklin (Joshua Sr.ís son):
∑ Joshua Warren (b.1874), last listed as moving to the US about 1891
∑ Arthur F. (b. 1877), last listed as having married Bella Reid and later Marion Ellison
∑ Charles B. (b. 1890), last listed in Toronto Directory 1907 as cabinetmaker at 11 Afton Street (living with parents)
∑ Victor (b. 1891), last listed in Toronto Directory 1907 as machinist with Stewart Howe & Meek, at 11 Afton Street (living with parents)
∑ John Ross (b. 1898), died in action in Vimy France in 1916 (any children?)

Child of Richard Frederick (Joshua Sr.ís grandson, Richard Franklinís son):
∑ F. Ross (b. 1930), still living in Toronto area per daughter Chris Landry of Burlington
∑ Also need to confirm that Richard Franklin had only 1 son & 1 daughter

I am David Lawrence Pollard, Great-great-great-great grandson of Joshua Pollard Sr.

If you don't have FTW, you can download the complete narrative and genealogy of the Sheridan Pollards in the "Pollard History" report below in .txt format. If you want the Exhibits referred to in this report (22MB in total) or for an MS Word version of this report with much neater formatting, please e-mail me.

This update February 21, 2000.

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