We had a concert at WindyCon 43 in Lombard, IL in November, 2016.

We were amazed to have been nominated for a 2016 Aurora Award for our concert at Halsway Con in Somerset, UK.
This was an unplugged concert in an Elizabethan hunting lodge with amazing acoustics and the BEST AUDIENCE EVER!
We did Marie-Lynn Hammond's Canadian Love as one of the pieces. You can listen to it here.

We were deeply honoured to have been selected as Interfilk guests for ConChord 27 in San Diego in July 2015.

We were also guests at ApolloCon 2015 in Houston, TX in June.

Filk Lyrics

Here are some of the filks that have drizzled from our pens, pencils and fretboard over the years, along with notes about how they came to be.

Warning - These pages are rated D for doggerel and therefore audience discretion is advised. Although, it can also be argued that filkers have little if any discretion.

The Shelves Around The Lab This was written for the OVFF 2010 Iron Filker Contest. The Subject was "Brains"
The Loremaster This was written for the FKO 2010 Contest. Caution - May contain penguins
Ode To Social Media John Denver may actually have been prescient. Very few changes were needed to this song.
Do You Hear The Filkers Sing? In the fine tradition of filkers poking fun at themselves!
Winter is Coming Morva and I often work in places where good books become good screen versions. This is from "Game of Thrones - Season I."
Mockingjay This one we actually wrote ourselves, based on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy.
Hear a recording
Voices of Children This was written in October 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan Disaster.
116 schoolchildren were killed when waste from a coal mine collapsed onto their school.
Hear a recording
Return To Westeros This was written in Spring of 2022 when the new GoT series were announced to remind everyone what the Westerosi do.

About us

Morva and Alan Photo
Morva is a retired professional organizer, Alan is an almost retired electrical engineer. They have been attending their local SFF convention in Winnipeg for 20+ years, but only really got into filk music about 8-10 years ago. As with so many things filk related, blame Decadent Dave Clement! However, once hooked, they were committed, and now it seems to be their joint retirement project. They started making music together in choir back in high school, but now devote their energies to parodies and original songs on books and movies and cats and...well...whatever. It's filk!